redmi note 5 pro android pie

Xiaomi has not yet released Android 9 for Redmi Note 5 Pro officially but there are developers on XDA forum who have ported the new Android operating system to this device. You can download and update your device to Android Pie as of now but remember that being an unofficial status, you might not get weekly updates and there may be bugs present in this ROM.

Cypher OS 7.0.0 is based on Android Open Source Project with a pure experience of stock Android and the developers try to maintain the features of it for its users. The main motto is to provide a rich experience and the best performance but keeping the simplicity in mind.

Note: Builds are updated as soon as possible. There is no build cycle. Information pertaining to your device is displayed accordingly. The current build is the latest for your device. If your device is scheduled to release on a certain day, but the new build isn’t displaying, contact your device maintainer for more information but wait for at least 72 hours. Please note that the builds are updated by 12 AM EST.



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